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Community Building

Our Community Building workshops enable leaders to achieve truly transformed teams through the power of conversation. You will learn how to create a sense of belonging in any organisation and effectively establish a community in which every individual has a sense of purpose and value.
Through a carefully facilitated process, based on the work of Peter Block*, leaders learn how to use the power of small groups, as well as creative and effective questions, to create teams that are inclusive, engaged and supportive.
What to expect
Imagine a room filled with South Africans from all walks of life, sectors and race groups, all with a desire to learn how to listen and talk to each other better. This is what Community Building creates. 
These workshops are a space in which each voice can be heard and each opinion is validated. What could this mean to your business, organisation or school?
Through a carefully designed process, following Peter Block’s Six Conversations of Community, you will learn the skills of active listening, being able to speak with honesty and sincerity, and the ability to communicate effectively both at work and within your larger community.
* Peter Block is a highly regarded author, organisational development consultant and speaker who specialises in creating and strengthening communities in the workplace and beyond. 

Why “community”?

The ability to build and sustain community is a critical leadership trait in today’s workplace.  Committed, energised, and engaged teams require leaders who are willing to acknowledge the leadership ability and strengths in others.
One of the main purposes of our Community Building workshops is to equip people with the skills and knowledge they need to build community wherever they choose to play a leadership role.
“Community means caring about our work, our colleagues, and our place in the world, geographic and otherwise, and in turn being inspired by this caring.” Henry Mintzberg, business and management expert
Our facilitators
Stephanie Dawson-Cosser is a relationship coach specialising in work and family integration, who helps people to navigate the complexities of both work and family life. 
Steph has facilitated these Community Building workshops in business teams and school communities, and has found that as participants discover each other’s humanity, they begin to value each other’s contribution, and strengthen their teams as a result. 
Nomathemba Shepherd Sithole, a group process facilitator for many years, has incorporated Peter Block’s proposition for enhancing conversations between small groups into her group facilitation projects. 
Her qualifications include a degree in Psychology and several specialised courses for accreditation in Organisation Development, as well as a career spanning more than 40 years.
Jen Taylor is a coach specialising in personal and team transformation, who helps people to connect through meaningful conversations. After attending Community Building in 2012, Jen incorporated the principles into her corporate leadership team with great success. Since then, she has used them with hundreds of people, in dozens of teams, as a powerful way to motivate people to bring their best selves to their team, their work, and their clients.
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