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Vision 2030

In 2012, poet Antjie Krog and Archbishop Njogonkulu Ndungane penned an achingly beautiful, boldly ambitious vision for South Africa, known as Vision 2030, as the preamble to South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP).

It paints a picture of a flourishing South Africa, where citizens live and work together in harmony for the common good, where leaders in various sectors lead with humanity and integrity, where we are truly one nation, one community, united in our diversity and celebrating the richness of our heritage.

The NDP identified three vital ingredients for its success: active citizenship, leadership and a capable state. Our contribution to a flourishing South Africa is to help to develop those three components.

Vision 2030 is South Africa’s ‘north star’ and in many ways, Symphonia for South Africa’s north star too. It is the reason we created Partners for Possibility. It underpins everything we do; it is our raison d’être and our inspiration – we invite you to read it, and work with us to play a part in achieving it.

View the full Vision Statement here.


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